Some Published Writing

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FROM Early Homes, Fall 2012 

  • The Pantry—Its History and Modern Uses [Gibbs Smith, Publisher: 2007]
  • Contributed chapter on the Victorian pantry to Victorian Kitchens & Baths, by Franklin & Esther Schmidt [Gibbs Smith, Publisher: 2005]
  • Jaffrey Then & Now by Robert B. Stephenson & Catherine L. Seiberling, 1992, Jaffrey Historic District Commission, Jaffrey, New Hampshire. A collaborative book on historical architecture and its many changes and transformations in a diverse rural town.
  • The 1950s Kitchen, Shire Books, manuscript completed in April 2014. Commissioned but unpublished – the publisher decided to cease their American line: it is now available for publication. [Complete with archival images from the author's collection of cookbooks, pamphlets, and period magazines.]
  • "Of Willa Cather's Lasting Love for the Frontier," Literary Hub [], December 7, 2018 – Article that appeared on Willa Cather's birthday about her very busy 1918.
  • "An Enchanted April," Victoria Magazine, April 2015 – Personal essay about my grandmother's experience in France with her twin sister, and later my own.
  • "Sit at Your Desk and Write," Early Homes, Fall-Winter 2014 – Personal essay on writing (and beloved desks and places in the process).
  • "Mountain Minted," STORY Magazine, Spring 2013 – Feature article on Kentucky mint and the history of, and recipes for, the classic mint julep (with author's photographs). 
  • "Curating at Midlife," Early Homes, Fall 2012 – Essay about turning fifty and starting to pare down to life's essentials while sifting through old stuff [see above] (with author's photographs).
  • "Pantry Design Ideas for Every Era," Special "Kitchens" issue, Old-House Interiors, Fall 2011.
  • "Laundry Rooms for Old Houses," Old-House Interiors, March/April 2011
  • "Step in Time," Early Homes, Spring 2011 – Personal essay about raising historic-minded children in a Disney world.
  • "Nostalgia or a Clean Slate?Early Homes, Autumn-Winter 2010 – Personal essay about sentiment, retro, and the artisanal in the loop of history.
  • "Christmas Heartfelt & Homemade," Victoria Magazine, Nov/Dec 2009 – Personal essay about long ago Christmases with my parents in suburban Ohio.
  • "A Tight Rope," Early Homes, Autumn 2009 – Personal essay about outdoor clotheslines.
  • "Homeplaces," Early Homes, Summer 2008 – Personal essay about Kentucky homeplaces (with author's photographs).
  • A Cottage Kitchen,” Old-House Interiors, March-April 2007 – A vintage kitchen and pantry restoration in an 1890 shingle-style home. [I also styled the photos.]
  • Furniture Focus: Hoosier Cabinets,” Old-House Interiors, October-November 2006 – Brief history of Hoosiers and other kitchen cabinets.
  • The Empty House,” Early Homes, Autumn-Winter 2006 – Personal essay about selling our beloved farm place after 60 years in the family.
  • The Romance-and Reality-of the Sleeping Porch,” Old-House Interiors, June-July 2006 – The history of the sleeping porch in American homes.
  • “True Color,” New England Home, November 2005 – A mountainside retreat in rural Vermont.
  • “A World of Difference,” New England Home, September 2005 – Cover story in inaugural home magazine about a new shingle-style home in the Boston suburbs.
  • Ravings from the Pantry,” Old-House Interiors, June-July 2005 – Personal essay about various finds while organizing my kitchen and pantry cupboards.
  • “Lyndhurst,” Old-House Interiors, Special “Victorian Design” issue, Winter 2005 – The Gothic Revival mansion in Tarrytown, NY owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • Stenciling at the Source,” Old-House Interiors, January 2005 – A stencil restoration by Polly Forcier of the Moses Eaton homestead.
  • Raising Children in Old Houses,” Early Homes, Spring 2004 – Personal essay on the joys of child-rearing in a legacy house.
  • “Pantries Then & Now,” Old-House Interiors, March 2004 – The evolution of pantries in American homes, including installation of two Victorian style pantries in the author’s Federal home.
  • History Travel: Mackinac Island,” Old-House Interiors, August-September 2003
  • On Lake Huron, ca. 1916,” Old-House Interiors, August-September 2003 – Archival photo piece on my family's once and future rustic island summer home, Cedar Lodge, in northern Michigan.
  • “Boston Tea Party,” Yankee, May 2003 – Food feature and sidebars on a tea party at Nichols House Museum in Boston (complete with author-tested recipes).
  • Tudor Tutorial,” Old-House Interiors, November 2002 – On Stan Hywet Hall—built in 1916, Akron, Ohio by my industrialist great-grandparents and operated as a museum since 1957.
  • The House that John & Henry Built,” Old-House Interiors, Fall 1998 – The author’s own New England Federal “twin” house, built in 1813 and renovated in 1997. [I also styled the photos.]
  • “Barrett House: A Federal Manse,” Colonial Homes, November 1998 – Museum house owned and operated by Historic New England in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.
  • “The Charms of Tea—At the Barrett House—A New England Sunday,” Victoria, October 1996 – Seasonal afternoon tea room at Barrett House. [I also styled the photos.]
  • “Keeping Summer: A Reminiscence,” Victoria, June 1992 – Personal essay on two white wicker chairs and their legacy.
  • “From Louis Vuitton: The Case for Adventure,”Victoria, August 1991 – Musings on Victorian travel and the Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris.
  • “Home Fires,” Victoria, January 1991 – Personal essay about sifting through books at a family farmhouse and finding hidden gems from ancestral women.
  • “The Young Mistress of Gibson House,” Victoria, January 1990 – Personal essay, with photographs, of life as a resident guide at this unique Victorian house museum.

From January 2015-January 2017, I was a freelance photo-journalist for Commonwealth Journal, a daily in Somerset, Kentucky where I contributed articles on people, places, farms, and businesses for insert magazines and the daily newspaper. I also contributed my own photography to these articles. Sample article:
Here is a piece I wrote on Historic Rugby, Inc. for a popular tourism website, with my photography:
I have also written annual reports, newsletters, press releases and brochure copy for non-profit organizations. Samples available upon request at